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Welcome to Custom Face

Custom Face was created in response to our wedding makeup. Brides loved our makeup so much they wanted it for everyday and began recommending us to friends. We also believe your beauty is effected by your health and wanted to make available to you what we've learned.We do traditional makeup and cultural makeup. We specialize in custom cosmetics - mineral bronzer, foundation, blush, liquid foundation from a tint to complete coverage available in different finishes and additives, custom shadow and blush/shadow palettes.While our main studio is located in Elmhurst Illinois, we are continuing to expand in the Chicago area. Many of our artists also have their own studios. We will travel to you should you wish.

We continue to expand our beauty network and have added recommendations for services we believe impact your beauty - skin care, nutrition, exercise, weight management. If there is a buzz about new beauty tips or tricks in the beauty world, you will see it on our "Makeup Buzz" page.

Custom Face is dedicated to helping you bring out your beauty. Check out our artist to see the many beautiful women (and men) they are servicing. Please feel free to drop us a note if you have a beauty question. We look forward to helping you with all of your beauty needs.

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